Monday 11th September 2017

Network Hurricane Irma Outage, scheduled 6 years ago

4:27 PM EDT: weather from Hurricane Irma has briefly taken the data center offline. All servers automatically regained power after the momentary loss, except for Apollo and HV2, which houses Atlas, Delta, the billing server, and an internal nameserver. Both server configurations were corrected by 4:50 PM.

Apollo used an old bonding setup no longer in service after the 10G network upgrade. HV2 did not expose virtual interfaces used by each VM for networking. These have been corrected in the future going forward.

Irma's impact will continue to be monitored for the remainder of the day.

2017/09/12 12:06 PM EDT: data center continues to run on generator power until utility power can be stabilized. Generators include over 36 hours of fuel remaining. No further outages are anticipated once the data center switches back to utility power.